Project Description


The result of the most advanced scientific research, the PZ line products use the exclusive Texturenhancing ™ system, an advanced complex microspheres filling that acts on the volume of the surface layers of the skin, helping to reshape it.
Thanks to the innovative technique of using phospholipid liposomes, the Texturenhancing ™ system is activated according to the type of skin, acting on the structure of the epidermis on several levels, to give rise to a series of sophisticated and highly performing products, suitable for any skin type and age.
The formulations are free of dyes and their consistency is based on a sensorial cream-gel, fresh to the touch, rich and at the same time easily absorbed.
The result is a velvety and luminous complexion, a reduction of fine lines and alterations in pigmentation, for cellular regeneration and global skin rejuvenation.

The packaging combines Indian silk and Bali mother of pearl with the craftsmanship of the painted glass vases.
The elegance and refinement of the design alternate light and dark shades, full colours and transparencies.